Advanced Combat Handgun Dynamic Skills (Bay 9/5)

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 7:30am to Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 5:00pm

Course Objective: Refine combat handgun tactical skills to high-level, second nature reflexive actions to maximize survivability in deadly force encounters wherein the handgun is utilized as the defensive weapon.  Course Description: A step-by-step course designed to develop combat handgun tactical skills through application of the Principles of Combat Shooting: Smooth is Fast, Economy of Motion, Muscle Memory, Develop Consistency, First Shot Hit and Follow-up Hits and defensive movement while shooting.

Enrollment limited. Student to instructor ratio is 3 to 1. 

Who Should Attend? Pistol operators and instructors with a minimum skill level of successful completion of Tactical Handgun Operating Skills who will be utilizing the handgun as a defensive weapon or instructing other intermediate or advanced handgun courses, competition, and advanced shooters working to enhance handgun tactical skills, and law enforcement and tactical operations/military personnel who deploy with the handgun. 

What the Attendee Will Learn: Attendees will obtain a comprehensive understanding of combat pistol tactical skills including:  • Review of Advanced Combat Handgun Operating Skills to ensure competent handgun operation while engaging in tactical movement; • Techniques for engaging multiple threats and multiple distances; • Shooting on the move and shooting moving threats; • Recovering from knock-downs and fighting while partially incapacitated; • Concept of “sight package” application to continuously varying shooting distances; and, • Maintaining combat focus while operating under pressure.  

Course Length: The course is two days (16 hours minimum) including practical examinations.  Course Admission Requirements: Participant candidates must have completed a minimum of Advanced Combat Handgun Operating Skills or other equivalent level of training (proof of training required). 

Course Completion Requirements: Complete attendance and successful completion of skills drills are necessary for certification. Upon successful completion the candidate will be awarded a two-year certificate.

Registration and Course Fees:
Enrollment is limited to six and pre-registration is required. The student to instructor ratio is
three to one. The fee for this two-day class is: PMRPC members $320.00 and $350 for nonmembers.
John Froscher reserves the right to reject any registration submitted on any

Handgun and Equipment:
The participant is welcome to utilize any high-quality, brand-name, semi-automatic pistol in 9
mm, .357 cal Sig, .40 cal S&W, .45 cal GAP or .45 cal ACP. Sub-compact pistols are
discouraged. No revolvers of any kind and no odd-ball calibers (I don’t have dummy rounds for 5.7 or 9 mm Makarov, etc.).

High-quality, outside the pants holster and magazine pouch AND 1000 rounds of high-quality practice
ammo are required. No unauthorized or illegal firearms will be tolerated on the range. It is
mandatory that the participant bring at least SIX magazines with a minimum capacity of 10
rounds (or two extra if less).

For more information, contact John Froscher

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