This is the official notice required by our bylaws that the Annual Meeting has been set for January 19, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the Palm Bay Community Center.  This is the meeting once a year where we review the budget for the coming year and elect officers. It's essential that you attend because we must have a quorum of 5% of the membership to run the meeting.  If you cannot make it to the annual meeting, you may request an absentee ballot. Requests for absentee ballots must be received by Dec.1.  

If you are interested in running for a seat on the board of directors, you should notify club Secretary Jum Sudduth ASAP.  The open positions are:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Officer, Chief Instructor, and Shotgun Director (three-year term).

Tom Kehoe

chief instructor

AR-15 Clinic & Fun Shoot!! 8 AM till 12:00PM
Do you want a chance to stretch out and shoot your AR Rifle or carbine or similar rifle caliber platforms out to 200yds or 300yds at PMRPC? Using our Electronic Target system!!!
On Saturday October 22nd, December 24th and February 25th 2017 the PMRPC High Power Range will be open to the general membership and permitted use of this type of rifle or similar semi-auto rifles. Under Range Officers supervision and tutelage, you will be guided on how to handle, field disassemble, re-assemble, load and fire your rifle properly and safely at longer ranges and in different shooting positions. Bring a minimum of 75 rounds of suitable ammo. Commercial Ammunition only!
Sign-up is on that day 07:30AM!!!

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High Power Range Work Party October 29th 2016!


High Power Range Maintenance Day!!!
HP shooters! We need your help on getting our range as ready and looking nice as possible for the upcoming 2016-2017 shooting season!!!! We will have a range maintenance day on October 29th 8am till 12:30pm. All kinds of things to do for the general upkeep of the place to get it ready. It's your range, we need your to help with up-keep.

Lunch will be provided with Hamburgers, Hot-Dogs, BBQ chicken & more!
Bring muscles and gloves and smiles! Thank you!

Rifle Director

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FSSA 2016 High Power Mid-Range State Championship tournament
(please remove the old 2015 posting of the event on our website)
Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA)
High Power Mid-Range State Championship Tournaments!!!
PMRPC is once again hosting the FSSA High Power State championships.
All three events will be hosted: Governor's 10/ATC, F-Class & Mid-Range.
Go to --> for more details and registration!!

Francois LeBreton

rifle director



IDPA's Space Coast match is complete.  The Practice Rifle and Old Practice Pistol are open for use.  Thanks to the members for your patience while we put in a very sucessful shoot.  Statistics will be published in the next news letter.

Jim Flynn,

vice president



to the home in cyberspace of Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club. Our 122-acre facility off Malabar Road in Palm Bay, FL,  offers our members a dozen shooting ranges, including a practice pistol range, Action Area, trap and skeet fields, and the only certified 600-yard rifle range in the state. 

To access this website, you MUST be a member of the club.  If you register for a new account, it will not be approved unless your membership can be confirmed. Non-members can only access a few pages including the calendar of events. For any questions, contact Chief Instructor Tom Kehoe.

The range is located at 610 Hurley Blvd., Palm Bay, FL.  27.98763N 80.71354W

Information on meetings can be found here.