The club is drying out


At long last, the club is again becoming solid ground. The smallbore and benchrest ranges have been reopened, along with the 600-yard range. 

We still have a couple of soggy ranges and that is causing some some scheduling issues.  The 50-yard range will be closed for a class this Saturday, but will be open to the public again on Sunday.  We're hopeful that this will be the last range issue  caused by the flooding.

The lesson in all of this is how important proper drainage is out at the club.  Aside from the fact that the city is still trying to charge us for draining water into its system (which clearly does not happen),  much of the new ranges that we are to build under the range reevelopment plan are targeted for areas that are currently being used to store rainwater.  Building there without addressing drainage will only cause future flooding to be far worse -- orders of magnitude worse. So our next step is going to be to develop a stormwater runoff plaln that will allow us to build new ranges without them tunring into mud pits.

thanks for your continued supoport

Tom Kehoe

chief instructor



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The range is located at 610 Hurley Blvd., Palm Bay, FL.  27.98763N 80.71354W

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