Here's the agenda for this month's meeting of the Board of Directors, on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 7p.m. in the Pole Barn.

PMRPC December Board Meeting
Wednesday, Dec 13th, 7pm

Call to Order                                                                                     Jim Isaacson

            Introduction of new President

Secretary Report                                                                              Connie

Treasurer Report                                                                             Jim W

Executive Officer Report                                                                 Keith

Safety & Training Report                                                                Tom

Shotgun Report                                                                               John

Rifle Report                                                                                      Francois

Pistol Report                                                                                                Duane

RSO Committee                                                                             Don R.

Newsletter                                                                                        Tom L

Range Development                                                                      Jim F

Expo Range Day                                                                              Connie

Old Business
Arctic Cat repair status                                                                   Jim F

Motion: Approve SOP amendment for contract quotes                        Jim W

Motion: Approve SOP amendment for special purchases      Jim W

Set day for October IDPA Space Coast Chall.                           Duane


New Business
Motion: Approve CMP Rimfire Competitions                              Dennis G.

Motion: Approve ARA Competitions                                             Dennis G.

Motion: Approve expenditure ½ of HP Microphones                 Francois

Motion: Approve Mason’s Trap Shoot                                          John



Good of the Club                                                                             Members

Motion to Adjourn

Expo Training for Executive Committee                                      Jay Torres


Executive Session


Here's the updated lineup of folks who have agreed to run for the Board of Directors in 2018.   Dan Yelverton has stepped down as President and will not run for re-election. Our parliamentarian, Jim Isaacson, has been appointed interim president to serve until the Annual Meeting in january. Vice President Jim Flynn is running for President in 2018.  Joe Hogan, Jamie Powell and Maria Wolford have stepped up to run for Vice President.  Secretary Jim Sudduth will not be running for re-election. Connie Torres has stepped up to run for secretary. 

The other candidates listed are the incumbents in their respective seats and are not challenged at this time. Click on the names of the vice-president candidates below to read their biographies. You must be logged in to see those pages.

President – Jim Flynn (1-year term)

Vice President – Joe Hogan (2-year term)

Vice President -- Maria Wolford (2-year term)

Vice President -- Jamie Powell (2-year-term)

Treasurer – Jim Watson (1-year term)

Secretary – Connie Torres (2-year term)

Chief Instructor – Tom Kehoe (1-year term)

Executive Officer – Keith Kessler (2-year term)

Pistol Director – Duane Charter (3-year term)

The Annual Meeting has been set for Saturday, January 20th, 2018 at 2 PM in the Pavilion.

Tom Kehoe
chief instructor


to the home in cyberspace of Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club. Our 122-acre facility off Malabar Road in Palm Bay, FL,  offers our members a dozen shooting ranges, including a practice pistol range, Action Area, trap and skeet fields, and the only certified 600-yard rifle range in the state. 

To access this website, you MUST be a member of the club.  If you register for a new account, it will not be approved unless your membership can be confirmed. Non-members can only access a few pages including the calendar of events. For any questions, contact Chief Instructor Tom Kehoe.

The range is located at 610 Hurley Blvd., Palm Bay, FL.  27.98763N 80.71354W

Information on meetings can be found here.